1. 4 Unexpected Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

    For many years, there used to be a joke that was used on a lot of sitcoms; “I don’t do windows.” It stems from the fact that windows are a hassle to clean. It takes a long time to do and it’s tough to get windows perfectly smudge-free, so many people avoid it entirely. There are some surpris…Read More

  2. What You Might Not Know About Window Cleaning

    Many people probably think of window cleaning as a pretty boring job, but there’s a lot more to it than you might notice at the surface. It has a long and fascinating history, which truly exploded with the advent of skyscrapers. Some buildings require pretty daring workers to get the job done. -Ta…Read More

  3. How Professional Window Cleaning Can Save You Time and Money

    We work with businesses all over the NYC area, providing them with top-notch professional window cleaning. We make sure that we leave windows crystal clear and help you make the best first impression on your clients and customers. Sometimes our customers tell us that they are surprised at the differ…Read More

  4. Should You Restore or Replace the Glass in Your Windows?

    The windows on a building withstand a lot. It's even worse for windows in a big city like NYC. There are environmental and human-made factors that can leave your windows looking less than their best, appearing dirty, faded, scratched, and worse. Some of the worst offenders against windows in the cit…Read More

  5. Window Cleaning NYC: Keeping Your NYC Home’s Windows Clean

    We’ve been cleaning windows in NYC for more than a decade, so we know how dirty they get and how hard they are to keep clean. You’re not alone if you struggle. Whether you’re in a street-level brownstone or a tenth-floor apartment, there’s no escaping the dirt and grime that are just part of…Read More

  6. Got Tough to Clean Windows?

      Whether you’ve got an office building with angled, curved or obstructed windows, or a home with unusually high or difficult-to-reach windows, please don’t neglect them. Call professionals like our team at Total Window Cleaners. You’d be surprised at the odd-shaped and inconveniently-located…Read More

  7. Secrets Of New York City Window Washers

    Have you ever looked up at the window washers ten or twenty stories up, on a scaffolding hung from the roof, and wondered, what the heck are those guys thinking? Well, 20 years ago before we got into this business, we sometimes wondered the same thing. You’re probably wondering if it is scary. It …Read More

  8. Building Owners: Keep Your Windows Clean

      You may think that this should go without saying — not so. If that were true, we wouldn’t come across so many buildings during the course of our day, including highrises, brownstones, and everything in between, that have oxidized aluminum and steel trim, scratched windows, and cracking, leaky…Read More

  9. Hiring a commercial window cleaning service

      When you hire a commercial window cleaning service, you need more than just a window cleaner. You need a partner that is going to be accountable for cleaning your windows, and spotting and reporting any potential problems with window framing and film. And you need them to have the skills to prope…Read More