Backed by more than a decade of commercial window cleaning in America’s greatest city, our team delivers unparalleled results, keeping the windows of buildings all over New York City sparkling clean and clear. Our professionals are highly skilled in a variety of access methods, from rope descend systems and suspended scaffolding, to boom lifts and bucket trucks. Our technicians can facilitate the complete washing of just about any window in the city. Complying with all DOB and OSHA regulations, we strive to do all we can to protect our workers as well as your facility.

Safety Is Our Priority

Every project we take on is approached with unquestionable professionalism, throughout every facet of the job. Before beginning any project our site supervisors create a site safety plan and perform job hazard analysis with all members of the team to mitigate any potential hazards. Safety on the job site is our major priorities.

Certifications & Training

We spend a lot of time to continuously improve our team’s skills and knowledge in window cleaning and other related services. We send all our employees to gain that experience in professional training centers all over the country. For instance to prepare team of professional rope access technicians, members of our team received SPRAT training and certifications in Reno in 2013 and then re-certified in New Jersey in 2017. Currently Total Window Cleaners team members certified by:

  • OSHA
  • IWCA
  • Suspended Scaffold Users and Supervisors
  • Certified Architectural Window Film Installers
  • Professional Pressure Washers
  • Aerial Lifts Operators
  • Bucket Truck Operators.

We Consider Your Budget

We know how budget is important and critical in choosing a window cleaning company for our clients projects. We are considering every aspect when providing a quote for professional services to minimize our clients expenses and maximize results.

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  • Maintenance contracts
  • Post-construction  
  • Pressure washing for building facade
  • Glass restoration
  • Metal cleaning and restoration
  • Lightning fixture/Chandelier cleaning
  • Scratch & Graffiti removal