1.     Are you insured? 

Yes, Total Window Cleaners are fully insured. We carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

2.     What type of payment you accept?

We accept all major types of payments Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express. For commercial clients invoices and AIA payment schedule.

3.     Do you provide any discounts? 

Yes, we provide basic discounts for residential customers. Group discount 10% off. If you will give us a feedback, like, tweet, share on social media 5% off.

4.     Do I need to move any items around the window before you come?

No, our professionals will take care of everything. However, if you have any expensive or really delicate items near the window we suggest that you move it by yourself.

5.     What do you use to clean the windows? 

We use professional window cleaning tools such as: microfiber washer, squeegee, special cloth, environmental safe window cleaning detergents.

6.     How do you protect working area?

I professional window cleaners has full set of tools including different types of covers normally we use clean large towel, and for larger areas drop cloth.

7.     Do your window cleaners wear shoe covers? 

Yes, our professionals put on shoe covers every time they step into customer’s home.

8.     Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies?

No you don’t. Our professional window cleaning team have all necessary tools including ladders and extension poles.

9.     Why my windows look dirty after cleaning?

There are two reasons why glass may look dirty after cleaning. Exterior glass could be covered with oxidation which does not come off with regular cleaning. It requires chemical cleaning which we can do for additional charge. Second reason, glass unit has condensation in between the glass. In this case you need to replace glass unit. Yes, we can assist you with that.

10.  Do I need to be home? 

Not necessary, if you provide access to your home or business our window cleaning technicians will do their job and will follow all your instructions without you being present at home.

11.  What if something get damage?

Sad things happen, but we take full responsibility for customer’s broken belongings. We will pay or replace the item.