When you serve one of the largest, most populated cities in the country, with window cleaning and glass restoration services, you’re gonna be a little busy. But it is with pride that we say that we’re never too busy to take the time to offer our help, advice and consultations to any of our existing or potential clients. Understanding that anybody can clean a window (with enough practice) but it takes a true professional to deliver impeccable customer service, our entire team focuses our every effort on doing just that.

We’ve got 10 years of industry experience with the tools, techniques and care required to deliver unquestionably high-quality services to any and all of our valued clients.

From residential windows on the smallest brownstones, to wall-to-wall panes on some of the most recognizable high-rise buildings in the city, our technicians work to create a spotless, streak-free atmosphere wherever they are, and they do so with a smile.

Using industrial-grade materials that are also environmentally friendly, we strive to protect the local environment while working to improve the comfort and safety of all of our customers.

Neat, punctual, exceptionally friendly and undoubtedly skilled, the Total Window Service team is always focused on your satisfaction. And of course, we’re fully insured, bonded and licensed. You should expect that from your New York window cleaning company. But we work to exceed those basic expectations; you deserve it.

We are entrepreneurs; a modern generation of New York City window cleaners.

We consistently strive to discover new and innovative technologies that exist within our industry to deliver high-quality safely and efficiently. Furthermore, each member of our team is rigorously screened before going through a specialized training program that we established. Find out why we’ve become the premier window cleaners serving Brooklyn and Manhattan by calling our consultants now for an appointment.