Using the advanced Glass Renew System, we restore scratched and etched glass to its original, crystal-clear condition. Removing scratches and acid-etched graffiti from glass panes and other surfaces, our team of highly-trained specialists use pinpoint precision and an expert touch to effectively eliminate any evidence of previous vandalism or damage.

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What are the benefits of Glass Renew System?

The main benefit of glass scratch and graffiti removal system is that you can save up to 70% by restoring damaged glass instead of replacing it. It is also save you time and in 99% cases you don’t need to shut down your business for restoration or glass replacement work. This kind of service does not require any type of permit from DOB or any other regulatory institution.

Our Customers

The majority of customers who use our scratch removing service are stores owners. It is very sad but a lot for storefront glass gets vandalized in many ways. It can be scratches or acid etched graffiti which is impossible to clean off. The only two options store owners have is to replace damage glass which might cost a fortune or to use our scratch removing company which will restore damaged glass for tree times less.
Lately we started to get calls from building owners, mostly from newly constructed buildings. They face the problem that a lot of glass get scratched after unproper post construction glass cleaning. In most cases it is not possible to replace damaged glass, that is why they are using our window cleaning company to restore damaged glass.

How to protect glass from potential damage?

Total Window Cleaners has a solution that can protect your glass from being vandalized. In addition to glass removing system we provide affordable glass protective window film installation service. Optically clear layer of window ?lm will protect your glass from potential damage without changing an appearance of your property. It will block 99% of UV radiation which will reduce heat inside the room. It is also less expensive to protect glass with a film then to use glass restoration service.



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