Environmental pollutants and building leaching or runoff are just two of the many daily factors that can turn your once crystal-clear windows into murky and hazy barriers to the world. Metal oxidation, UV rays and sprinklers can also take their toll on your windows, leaving behind corrosive residue that becomes part of the glass if not routinely removed.

Avoid Costs of Replacement

As the protective glaze is worn from your windows, it becomes much more likely for them to be damaged by environmental factors. As New York City’s preferred window service company, we specialize in glass restoration, allowing you to avoid the exorbitant costs of replacement.

Glass Restoration Experience

Pairing our years of experience with innovative materials and industry-leading techniques, we work to restore glass to its original, flawless appearance. Removing corrosion, etching, graffiti and stains, we clear glass of the long-term damage that basic window washing can never fully eliminate.

Extend Duration of Glass Clarity

Taking your glass and window service one step further, we add a protective layer of glass sealants, eliminating staining and etching for years. As an add-on service, this protective step will help you avoid repeated glass restoration projects in the future, saving you money while keeping the exterior of your building looking clearly attractive.

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