At Total Window Cleaners, we’ve always believed in delivering impeccable service, regardless of the challenge. Staffed by our industrious, tireless and endlessly creative technicians, we are able to offer a variety of building and property maintenance services that protect the appearance and functionality of all of your exterior surfaces. We proudly offer the following services.

Glass Restoration

Glass oxidizes. It looks dull and hard to see thru. It is impossible to remove glass oxidation with standard window cleaning. In order to return glass to its original clarity we have to use special chemicals or acids. Total Window Cleaners has all necessary tools and knowledge to provide high quality glass restoration service and return damaged glass to perfection.

Power Washing

Scrubbing your exterior facade, sidewalks and decks flawlessly clean, our team uses state-of-the-art, high-intensity power washers to remove years of dirt, grime and filth from your all outdoor surfaces.

Scratch and Graffiti Removal

Scratch and Graffiti removal is one of our team’s specializations. We can usually restore your damaged glass to it’s original look without replacing it. Trust our glass restoration professionals job that will help you save up to 70 percent by restoring your damaged glass instead of replacing it.  Learn more.

Window Film Installation Service

We have different kinds of window films such as: protective window film, solar window film, privacy film and mirrored window film. It all has a limited lifetime warranty and provides 99 percent protection from harmful UV rays.  

Lightning Fixture Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning

It is often difficult to safely get to the lightning  fixtures inside your home to clean them properly. Leave it to our professionals. We’ve got all necessary equipment and will clean every little crystal on you chandelier.


Skylight Restoration and Caulking

Skylight restoration is delicate and dangerous job. You need to have right equipment and knowledge to perform it safely and to get quality result. If your skylights need some restoration, we are here to help. We can remove old cracked caulking and reseal all seams. We can also restore the glass to it’s original look.


Metal/Alucobond Panels Cleaning

Cleaning metal is a delicate procedure. Some colored or painted metals require specialty knowledge and procedures to get the desired results. A company that provides such cleaning should know all do’s and don’ts of cleaning every type of metal. We have years of experience cleaning and restoring different types of metals. We worked with brass, Aluminum, stainless steel, alucobond panels, painted metals, plastic panels and more.


Height Access/Inspection Assistance

Don’t know how safely get to the spot you need to inspect, install or repair some devices? No worries, we got you covered. Total Window Cleaners are certified rope access technicians. We can provide and setup all necessary equipment so you could safely get to the spot you want. If it necessary our professionals will go with you over the edge and assist you with all means necessary.


High Reach Cleaning/Painting/Restoration/Web Camera Installation, etc.

Don’t know how to safely get to the spot you need to inspect, install or repair? No worries, we got you covered. Total Window Cleaners team members are certified rope access technicians. We’ve got all of the necessary equipment and expertise to get the job done.