We work with businesses all over the NYC area, providing them with top-notch professional window cleaning. We make sure that we leave windows crystal clear and help you make the best first impression on your clients and customers. Sometimes our customers tell us that they are surprised at the difference window cleaning makes in the appearance of both the exterior and interiors of their buildings. Often, they wish they’d started using our service sooner instead of either relying on Mother Nature to clean their windows or doing it themselves.
We’ve asked some of our customers why they waited so long to start using our professional window cleaning services. Almost universally they tell us they thought it would be cheaper and faster to do it themselves. That’s hardly ever the case. In fact, we’ve found that we can often save our customers time and money on window cleaning.

How We Help Save You Time…

When you decide to do your window cleaning yourself, that means that you’ll be draining your internal resources to get the job done. For many businesses, this means picking someone from within the office to do the job. Maybe it’s an intern, a receptionist, or the CEO decides to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Whoever is doing it, though, is taking time away from the job you hired them to do. That means they are spending time thinking about cleaning the windows, buying the supplies, and getting the job done. That’s time they could be spending focused on building the bottom line. It might not seem like a lot to ask, but when you take employees away from their tasks, it can affect their morale, efficiency, productivity, and so much more. Chances are they’ll take more time to actually get the windows clean, too, as compared to a professional who knows the most efficient way to get you the cleanest windows possible. Many professionals, including Total Window Cleaners, can even help your windows stay cleaner for longer, so less time is spent cleaning windows in your building over time.

Think you are saving money in your budget by doing your window cleaning in-house? Probably not. First, you are taking time away from projects that could be bringing in more revenue for your business. The more time they take, the most you are paying them to work on windows instead of their assigned tasks. Secondly, you’ll need to invest in the right window cleaning equipment. That includes buckets, spray bottles, cleaning agents, rags, squeegees and more. That’s just the beginning, too. Many businesses in the NYC area cannot access the exterior of their windows easily; it might require ladders or even complicated pulley systems. Allowing your employees to get up on ladders could put them at risk of injury and you at risk of a worker’s compensation claim (and you know how expensive those are). We’re fully licensed and insured, so our team is protected, and so is your business. For skyscrapers and other tall buildings, you aren’t likely to invest in a pulley system, and you’d need to hire a professional team anyway. Working with a reputable company means you get the professional team you need without paying too much for startup costs.

We Have Everything We Need to Get Your Windows Clean

Total Window Cleaners has the equipment, tools, cleaners, and manpower required to get your windows sparklingly clean. Whether you have windows on the top floor of a skyscraper or just need the windows of your townhome complex cleaned, we can get to work. Because we have the equipment and we’ve been cleaning windows for so long, you’ll be amazed at how quickly we can get the job done and leave you with beautiful, streak-free windows.

Get a Free Quote on Professional Window Cleaning

If you are a business owner in NYC, it’s time to stop trying to clean your windows yourself and leave it to the professionals. Get in touch with us by giving us a call or contacting us through our website and we’ll give you a free quote on our services. That way you can see just how affordable it is to have a professional window cleaning company service you building when you need it. Let’s get to work on your windows today!