You may think that this should go without saying — not so. If that were true, we wouldn’t come across so many buildings during the course of our day, including highrises, brownstones, and everything in between, that have oxidized aluminum and steel trim, scratched windows, and cracking, leaky window seals?

You own the building, but you don’t do all the maintenance. Chances are that there’s a management company to handle that. But do they really know what they are doing? Are they hiring the cheapest window cleaners or the most experienced? You should find out.

Oxidized windows, deteriorated metal trim, scratches and graffiti not only look bad, they lower the value of your building and the amount you can expect tenants to pay for rent. And, if you are thinking that you shouldn’t really have to bother with these little details, you’re right. What you need is a professional company, with more than a decade of experience maintaining the exteriors of the buildings that make up the Manhattan skyline. That’s us.

Regular Maintenance and Prevention

If you’ve got a good, professional window cleaning company who inspects and cleans your building’s exterior windows and surfaces regularly, you’re going to avoid some pretty costly problems later.


If you’ve got neglected, anodized aluminum window mullions, they are going to oxidize. If you aren’t working with a professional who knows how to properly clean and restore them, you’re going to end up replacing them, and probably a lot of windows too. Any reputable window cleaning company is going to inspect your mullions every time they are up in the scaffolding cleaning windows.

If your building’s windows still look dirty after they’ve been cleaned, they’ve got the same problem. Oxidation on those windows is going to require cleaning and professional restoration. Don’t put it off. Eventually, they’ll be too far gone and you’ll have no choice but to replace them.

Scratch and Graffiti Removal

Exterior building glass gets scratched, dinged, and intentionally damaged by vandals. You’re going to want to make sure that the company you hire to make repairs is trained in using the latest technology. You don’t want someone practicing their skills with the dry-grinder or other equipment while they are working on your windows. We recommend that you protect your windows from damage with a high-quality protective film. Give us a call to learn more about that.

Glass Films and Coatings

A lot of New York offices have tinted windows. While necessary, repairs and restoration will eventually be needed for that too. Again, a little prevention goes a long way. Make sure the company that is cleaning your windows is also inspecting the coating so that small repairs can be made before they turn into costly problems.

Whatever You Need

Whoever you sign your maintenance contract with needs to be able to deliver what you need, when you need it. If you have a combination of frosted and clear glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass, that shouldn’t present any issues. If you need power washing, graffiti removal, cleaning, restoration, and window film installation, they should cover it.

We do it all. Our professional, certified, and insured team is ready to tackle any window-related services you may need. We can also help out with scaffolding or other equipment when you need to reach parts of your building to take care of other repairs. We restore and repair skylights and can clean chandeliers and other light fixtures safely and thoroughly.

Don’t leave it to chance. And don’t leave it up to someone else. Hire the best. Give us a call to talk about an estimate or a maintenance service contract. We look forward to hearing from you.