Whether you’ve got an office building with angled, curved or obstructed windows, or a home with unusually high or difficult-to-reach windows, please don’t neglect them. Call professionals like our team at Total Window Cleaners. You’d be surprised at the odd-shaped and inconveniently-located windows we’ve been maintaining and cleaning all over Manhattan and Brooklyn for the past decade.

Neglecting Hard to Clean Windows

One of the important, and underrated services provided by any professional window cleaners worth your money, is the inspection and evaluation of window seals, frames and surrounding structures. When you use the excuse of, “no one can really see them,” to justify neglecting your exterior commercial or residential windows, you’re likely to eventually be forced to take a look at them. Why? Because you’ll have bigger problems to deal with that could have been prevented by regular window cleaning and inspection.

What Happens When You Neglect Your Windows

  • Previous sub-par repairs go unnoticed and you could end up with water in your walls, or worse.
  • Post-construction flaws could lead to damage of facia, frames and interior walls. Don’t you want to get those addressed while you can still get your contractor on the phone?
  • Deterioration, rust, or damage to metal framing, weatherstripping and sealant can cause windows to become unstable, crack or even fall out.
  • Poorly maintained aluminum, stainless steel, painted metals and alucobond leads to leaks and costly repairs.
  • Windows that could have been saved or restored end up needing replacement.

That’s definitely not a comprehensive list of what can go wrong. It just covers some of the most common problems.

Just Get Your Windows Cleaned

Call Total Window Cleaners to have your hard-to-reach windows regularly inspected and cleaned. You’ve really got a lot more to lose by not calling us. Our transparent pricing, professional team and decade of experience, should give you confidence in our work.

We are entrepreneurs and have been cleaning windows on everything from Brooklyn brownstones to Manhattan highrises for more than 10 years. Our equipment is as solid as our reputation and you won’t experience better customer service anywhere.  

Give us a call. We look forward to being of service.