The windows on a building withstand a lot. It’s even worse for windows in a big city like NYC. There are environmental and human-made factors that can leave your windows looking less than their best, appearing dirty, faded, scratched, and worse. Some of the worst offenders against windows in the city include pollution, construction grime, and the weather. Living in the city brings other unique challenges, including graffiti. We’ve even heard stories about berry preserves being thrown on windows! But whatever surprises and damage city life brings to your windows, our team can help get them clean again. In fact, our team can go a step further and often restore the appearance of windows that you thought were going to need to be replaced. You might be surprised by the kind of damage we can erase on a window, too. Our unique polishing process can quickly erase deep scratches and chips. It can even get rid of damage that is caused by graffiti, acid, or industrial machinery such as grinders and welders.

Clean and Clear Windows Really Do Matter

Your windows might seem like a such a little thing, but they really do make a big impact on your business. A customer’s first impression of your business is often based on the appearance of the outside of your building. If they see a business that’s dirty and run down, they might not think your company is worthy of their hard-earned money. The more favorable their impression is, the more likely they are to feel comfortable spending their money with you. That’s why you can’t afford to let dirty, damaged windows stick around. The worse the damage, the worse the first impression you are making on potential customers. Unfortunately, many businesses can afford to replace the glass in their buildings every time it’s damaged. That’s why so many businesses in the NYC area turn to us to provide window restoration services.

The Benefits of Restoration versus Replacement

  • Restoring windows that have been damaged by graffiti or scratches could amount to tremendous cost savings for businesses. In fact, our restoration services can save you up to 70% of the cost of replacing that same window. That’s more money right back into the bottom line of your business, helping reduce your operating costs and giving you the funds you need for more important tasks.
  • Restoring instead of replacing is eco-friendly, too! It’s a great way to make your business more environmentally friendly because you’ll be utilizing fewer of the earth’s resources to restore the glass. Purchasing a new piece of glass will involve using resources to make the glass, ship it, and install it.
  • Restoration is also almost always the faster option. We can restore the appearance of your windows in just minutes in most cases. When you have to replace your windows, the process can take days, even weeks, leaving your business looking less-than-its-best.

We Can Even Make Your Glass Better Than Before

Our restoration services don’t stop at making your glass crystal clear again. We actually leave them better than they were before. That’s because we apply a protective layer to your glass. This layer will help protect your glass not only from future damage, but it can even help it stay cleaner for longer. The sealant will help prevent scratching and staining for years to come. So not only do you save money over the cost of replacing your glass, you’ll also save money over the lifetime of your glass because it will require less maintenance. It’s just another way Total Window Cleaners are protecting your clarity!


Ready to Restore the Appearance of Your Windows?

Whether you have one damaged window or a whole building that needs attention, we’re ready to get to work. Get in touch with our window cleaning team in NYC and let’s talk about the damage that’s been done to your windows. We’ll give you a free quote on our cleaning and restoration services and then schedule an appointment to get started on the work. You can get in touch with us by giving us a call or filling out the form on our website. You’ll see why we’ve been a trusted NYC window cleaning company for more than 10 years!